Refund and Returns Policy


We reserve the right to choose our customers. If you try to force-refund, we have no other option but to ban you from purchasing on our store as you are damaging our business. Our team works hard and we’re always open to talk to customers about issues with their orders and to find solutions together!


  1. Broken download link – We replace it as soon as possible, if we cannot, we will refund.
  2. Corrupted files – We replace them as soon as possible.


  1. Slow download speed.
  2. Accidental purchase.
  3. Uploading their digital copy takes a long time.
  4. temporary download limits (free users)
  5. Expired Google Drive links (they are limited)
  6. Changing their mind.
  7. Not enough storage space.
  8. Slow device.
  9. Restrictions from their country.
  10. Missing updates – we will try to get them as soon as possible.
  11. Email landed inside the spam folder.


The description of the products listed on our store may describe updated versions of the course which we may not have!
We don’t deliver Facebook Group posts, certifications or other such elements available only at the original source.

It’s best to request screenshots using our live chat before you purchase. We will also provide additional details such as size and date added.

It’s the customer’s responsability to request screenshots before purchasing!

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